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The official navy blue socks (with gold tops) are worn with the navy blue uniform. The official socks are worn with the official Boy Scout uniform. ... Official Placement of Insignia Conduct the uniform inspection with common sense; the basic rule is neatness. ... a wolf track pin may be added to the flap.

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Product ID: JDT-34-002_rowI19. JROTC Academics (Yellow) enameled arc pin with gold lettering and a gold trim. Pins come with 2 clutch back pins to secure your arc pin on your uniform. We offer the largest selection and best prices on JROTC Arc Pins in the nation with over 100 styles of arc pins ready to ship!

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Dec 9, 2012 - This Pin was discovered by James Colucci. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. ... JROTC Rank/Uniform - Army JROTC Progam Sheldon Clark High School. Lilianna Apollos. JROTC. Military Memes. Military Life. ... Navy Rotc. Air Force Quotes. Army Brat. For the Art LLC. Drill Team Motivational Quotes.

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All of the answers are correct. What color and type tee-shirt will be worn with all NJROTC uniforms? Plain white crew neck or v-neck. rank/rate and the JROTC bar insignias are centered at what distance from the collar point on the male and short sleeve khaki shirt. 1 …


Navy Crest 1"X3" Smooth Engraved Nameplate. Product ID: JDT-NJ-002. Navy 1"X3" Smooth Engraved Name plate with Attached NJROTC Crest. Military Spec Uniform Nameplate For Class A/B Uniforms. Shiny Black Finish With White Letters. Name Tag Size Is 1" Tall X 3" Wide. All Letters Will Be Capitalized Unless Specified.Navy Name Plate For NJROTC. Price:

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Military JROTC Ribbon Rack Builder Ribbon Checker. US Marine Corps Medal Ribbon Order of Precedence. US Air Force Medal Ribbon Order of Precedence. US Coast Guard Medal Ribbon Order of Precedence. Military Medal Ribbon Award Order of Precedence - U.S. Marine Corps, U.S. Navy, U.S. Army, U.S. Air Force, and U.S. Coast Guard Medal Ribbon Chart Order.

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Navy ROTC Midshipman Hard Board: Second Class. SKU: 8323206. $53.00. Quantity: Default Title. Default Title. Default Title. Showing Results 1 to 20 of 190 Total.

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Chapter 3 - Uniform Components . Officer Male. Officer . Chief Male. Chief . Enlisted Male. Enlisted . Chapter 4 - Rank/Rate Insignia Chapter 5 - Identification Badges/Awards/Breast Insignia Chapter 6 - Special Uniform Situations Chapter 7 - Civilian Clothing Navy Awards Precedent Chart Awards Order of Precedence Medals

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The Army is a profession. By wearing the uniform of the U.S. Army, Soldiers follow the legacy of those who served before them. Our uniforms embody the …

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Navy Service Uniform. The NJROTC patch is worn: ... On the overblouse, ribbons and nametag placement shall be the bottom of the ribbons or nametag, lined up _____ _____below the intersection of the shoulder front seam. ... What color and type tee-shirt can be worn with all NJROTC uniforms? Plain white crew neck or V-neck.

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Placement of the ribbons may be adjusted to conform to the individual's figure differences. (8) Other Insignia, Badges and Tabs. See CCR 670-1 and AR 670-1 for instruction on ... ROTC Class C Uniform a. Wear of the Class C (Army Combat Uniform): Class C uniform is the same for both males and females. The uniform consist of the ACU trousers ...

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Covington High School Navy JROTC is seeking a motivated retired Navy Officer (W2-O6) to fill a Senior Naval Science Instructor (SNSI) position. The position will be available 1 January 2021. Covington High School has an enrollment of approximately 1500-students and is a well-established unit in the state of Louisiana.

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This video is intended to act as a guide to help Xavier High School Army JROTC cadets form their Class A Uniforms.

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Typically, military ribbons and medals on a military uniform vary from uniform and situation. A standard working or service dress uniform will show ribbons on the left breast of the jacket or shirt. According to the Army and Navy Uniform Regulations, a service dress uniform worn for social functions and some ceremonies will carry full-size medals.

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Pull the back off the JROTC arc. Push the arc pin through the pocket material at the center determined in Step 2. The center of the top of the arc should be aligned with the center of the pocket body. Reach through the pocket and …

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Navy Service Uniform. The NSU is is the basic uniform worn by Navy JROTC cadets while all other uniforms were phased out, this one replacing all of them. It consits of a khaki shirt, black trousers, black belt with a gold belt buckle, black shoes and socks, an a garrison cover. Ribbons are worn on this uniform 1/4 of an inch above the respected ...

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Center the name badge on the right shirt-pocket buttonhole, and place it 1/4 inch above the top seam of the pocket. Center the Navy JROTC ribbons above the left shirt-pocket buttonhole, and 1/4 inches above the seam. Any service designation stars should be positioned 1/4 inches above the top row of ribbons.

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() Place the ROTC insignia 5/8 inch up from the collar and lapel seam, with the center line of the insignia parallel to the inside edge of the lapel Cords: A …

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The newer AF uniform does not look good with the old style rope, since the rope was specifically made for having a button there on the shoulder. The solution for JROTC units is the "Shaker Knot" cord (picture below, #484SL) not hiking the standard shoulder cord up underneath the uniform's collar.

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Change of placement requests are processed and approved by the NROTC Placement Office. If selected, the status of the application will be updated on the Navy ROTC website. The applicant will be sent an email from the NROTC Placement office and a selection letter will be sent via U.S mail to the address provided in the application.

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This is base reference point for all placement. In your mind, picture a reference line that bisects the notch and runs parallel with the line of the collar. Measure up 5/8 inch from the notch of the collar. Officers wear the ROTC insignia 5/8 inch above the notch of the collar, with the centerline of the insignia bisecting the notch.


Follow APT placement criteria if cadets wear the Marksmanship Shield. Hap Arnold Optional Enlisted/Officer Service Cap Insignia The National Finalists CyberPatriot badge is the only CyberPatriot badge that may be worn. See placement in Attachments 9, 10, 11, and 12. Notes 15 and/or 16. Cadets may only wear one of these badges on their uniform

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JROTC Awards and Decorations Policy 1. PURPOSE: The purpose of this regulation is to establish the awards and criteria for the medals, ribbons, and other awards a cadet in JROTC is eligible to win. 2. GENERAL: The following is a detailed listing of the awards and decorations.

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Board Rank: On shoulder tabs. Nameplate: (Males) Right pocket centered between the button and the seam of pocket. ()Adjust placement of the nameplate to conform to individual figure difference. Ribbons: (Males)1/8 inch above the left top pocket, centered on the button below. (Females) Keep the bottom of the ribbons parallel with the bottom of the nameplate.

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If more than one team pin is worn, space them 1/8" between each arc. JROTC Pin (Officers): Place the JROTC insignia 5/8" above the notch on both collars, with the centerline of the insignia bisecting the notch and parallel to the inside edge of the lapel (Enlisted): 1" above the notch. Cords: A maximum of two cords can be worn.


The uniform will be worn correctly all day. That is, the uniform will be worn from home to school and from school to home. If you are found out of uniform without permission from SASI/ASI you will be given a zero (0) uniform grade for that day regardless if you had already received a uniform grade.

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The JROTC insignia is positioned on the wearer's left side on the rounded end of the coat collar with the vertical axis of the insignia between, the outer rounded edges of the collar ( cadet...