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Ballistic and Mechanical Test Lab

The UNB Ballistic and Mechanical Test Lab is the only facility in Canada that can launch projectiles ranging from less than 20 grams at 8 kilometres/second to masses of 8 kilograms at 200 metres/second. The facility evaluates the impact-resistant performance of materials when projectiles are launched at them at subsonic to supersonic conditions.

Ballistic Testing and Product Quality Surveillance for the ...

SUBJECT: Ballistic Testing and Product Quality Surveillance for the Interceptor Body Armor - Vest Components Need Improvement (Report No. 0-2011-030) We are providing this report for your information and use. We considered management conunents on a draft of this report when preparing the final report. The ballistic testing

Draft NIJ Specification Threat Levels and Associated ...

test threat, n – the projectile that is used in laboratory testing to impact the test item at a specific velocity or energy to assess performance of body armor. (Adapted from ASTM E3005) Discussion: In this standard, test threat only refers to bullets fired from specified barrels. 4. NIJ Threat Levels and Ballistic Test Threats 4.1.

Industrial Systems – Oehler-Research

Oehler Research has provided ballistic test equipment for the ammunition industry for over 50 years. You will find Oehler equipment used in most ballistic laboratories. Oehler equipment handles velocity tests, pressure tests, and the …

Ballistic Test Facility | Federal Labs

The Ballistic Test Facility is comprised of two outdoor and one indoor test ranges, which are all instrumented for data acquisition and analysis. Full-size aircraft can be tested against ammunition to a maximum of thirty millimeter armor-piercing and high-explosive incendiary ammunition.

Ballistic Testing – Kelly Space

Ballistic testing for bullet impact and fragmentation requires a laboratory to be responsive to customer requirements and needs and ensure the highest level of accuracy and quality. At KST, we provide our customers with the highest level of quality assurance and optional data acquisition for each of their testing samples they test.

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We have an on-site ballistic lab for testing pressures and velocities using Oehler equipment (ballistic computer 85 and model 57 system for velocities). Being a member SAAMI (Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers' Institute), we primarily use SAAMI methods and procedures in conducting ballistic testing.

Bosik Technologies (2013) Ltd. - BALLISTIC TESTING

BALLISTIC TESTING. This facility is currently being certified to the Canadian Standard (CGSB), U.S. NIJ, and ISO 9002. BOSIK's ballistics facility is secured and safe storage is available for weapons and ammunition. The facility is suitable for handgun and rifle testing up to approximately 0.50 calibre.

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The Basic Equipment for Pressure Testing. ... Someday, I do hope to have a proper ballistics lab set up to do pressure measurements an offer it as a service to handloaders, and small ammunition companies wanting to outsource their QA/QC. This is an eventual goal of mine. In the meantime hopefully this write up provides an insight on how these ...

Ballistic Laboratory | Plasan

Plasan ballistic testing laboratory has been operating since 1989. It was renovated in 2009 and is currently equipped to test rounds between 5.56 mm to 30 mm. It is an independent, comprehensive testing laboratory managed by professionals. without long waiting times. Plasan is Accredited laboratory.

Shotshell Proof Testing - Precision Reloading

Test results will include velocity, pressure average, extreme variation, and standard deviation of your 5-shot string. List components used (Hull, Primer, Powder, Wad, Shot). Download the Ballistic Testing Form below for complete details. Ballistic Testing is for Smokeless powder only, NO BLACK POWDER. We are unable to test 28 Gauge 3" shells.

PRODUCTS – Bill Wiseman & Co. – College Station

PRODUCTS Bill Wiseman and Co., designs and manufactures a complete line of pressure and test barrels for all certified SAAMI calibers .17 through .50 or 20mm. All Bill Wiseman Company barrels start out as 416 stainless steel bar stock and go through a manufacturer process. Each and every barrel is button rifled, heat treated

Ballistics and Ammunition Testing to Standards for OEM and ...

Testing performed in ballistics gelatin – including shots in bare gelatin, heavy clothing (FBI specification), steel, wallboard, plywood, and laminated automobile safety glass. Material analysis performed in our metallurgical laboratory. Real-time evaluations and problem-solving performed by our engineering and chemical specialists.

Ballistic Testing for Interceptor Body Armor Inserts Needs ...

The Army Program Manager Soldier Equipment (PM SEQ) could provide only limited assurance that approved ballistic materials for approximately 5 million inserts on seven contracts met the contract requirements. This occurred because PM SEQ did not consistently enforce the requirements for testing the body armor ballistic inserts. Specifically on two

Ballistic Resistance of Armored Passenger Vehicles: A ...

levels of ballistic testing for weapons ranging in penetration performance from handguns to armor-piercing rifles. Section 4 describes the four levels of protection recognized by this guide and sets requirements for the test weapon and projectiles to be employed in the test procedure. 3.2 Select and Prepare a Vehicle for Testing

Architectural Armour | UL 752 US Ballistic Standard

EN 1063 Glass in Building - Security Glazing - Testing and Classification of Resistance Against Bullet Attack. BS 5051 Bullet-resistant glazing - Part 1: for interior use- Part 2: for Exterior use. NIJ 0108.01 US National Institute of Justice Standard-Test and Certification for Ballistic Resistant Materials

National Institute of Justice Approved Test Laboratories ...

Laboratory Application and Approval Process. The National Institute of Justice (NIJ) requires that models of equipment (e.g., ballistic- or stab-resistant body armor, autoloading pistols) tested for NIJ compliance must be tested at an NIJ-approved laboratory.

Draft NIJ Standard 0101.07 Ballistic Resistance of Body Armor

testing of a variety of ballistic-resistant equipment, not just ballistic-resistant body armor, against contemporary U.S. law enforcement threats. Third, threat level nomenclature has been revised to be more descriptive of threats and to reduce

International ballistic and blast specifications and ...

These detailed requirements include the test conditions, the equipment setup, the ballistic test procedure, the calculation of the V 50 BL(P) ballistic limit, the computation of the striking velocity, the ballistic test report, acceptance and rejection, test samples ownership, retests, and the security classification of the armor.

Firearms Examination Equipment - Forensic Science

The specialized equipment used by firearms examiners includes microscopes, measuring tools, testing tools, and balances. These tools enable the examiner to carry out the various aspects of firearms examination and comparison. The need for proficiency with microscopes emphasizes the importance of examiners having an academic background in …

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Ballistic Equipment for Testing of Cartridges Research, development and production of ballistic equipment for testing of the cartridges for hunting, sport or military weapons in accordance with the standards C.I.P., TP-VD, TPF, STANAG, MOPI, MIL, SAAMI etc.

Ballistics Testing - Biokinetics

Ballistics Testing Biokinetics operates two full-service ballistic test laboratories housing state-of-the art firing, loading and velocity monitoring systems. We can launch bullets and fragmentation threats from 2 mm up 50 cal. for all types of ballistic testing related to body armour, vehicle and structural protection systems.

HPI-Terminal Ballistic applications and Test Equipment

HPI-Terminal Ballistic applications and Test Equipment. HPI, based in Graz/AUSTRIA, was founded in 1996, and is a leading supplier of Ballistic Measuring Equipment for Interior- Exterior- and Terminal Ballistic applications and Test Equipment for testing protection materials.


MAIN ACTIVITIES § Research, development and production of the ballistic equipment for testing of the cartridges for hunting, sport or military weapons § Testing of small arms and cannons at standard or worsening conditions. § Testing of the protective materials CERTIFICATION § Prototypa-ZM, s.r.o. is a holder of the quality management system …

V50 Ballistics Testing - NIJ Rated IIIA Ballistic Helmets ...

It's a numbers game. In our last article we depicted a series of tests that cover what some would consider consular injuries in combat such as crush, drop and weather testing standards, National Technical Systems conducts a V50 ballistic limit tests which are conducted to ensure helmets and protective equipment stand up to ballistic threats as well, without …

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Blast Testing. Ballistic loading and structural testing's goal is to understand the behavior of various materials at high rates of loading. One of the best-equipped military testing facilities in the country is located at NTS's Camden, Arkansas location.This facility provides the opportunity for ordinance and munitions-related analysis, specifically armor and explosive …

Measuring the Blast and Ballistic Performance of Armor

2.1 Equipment and Test Protocols Typical ballistic test instrumentation is depicted in Fig. 1. The gun system employs a Mann barrel, available in a range of calibers1 (e.g., .22 cal to 20 mm). A Mann barrel (the name refers to F.W. Mann, a medical obstetrician who pioneered the science of ballistics [4]) is a heavy-walled test barrel designed for

Ballistic Testing Lab - Plasan

Plasan ballistic testing laboratory has been operating since 1989. It was renovated in 2009 and is currently equipped to test rounds between 5.56 mm to 30 mm. It is an independent, comprehensive testing laboratory managed by professionals. Because of …

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Ballistics test equipment (continued) Services required Bench mounted 110/230 volts AC, 50/60Hz, mains electricity Compressed air at a pressure of up to 6 bar Consumables 6 mm steel balls (twenty are supplied with each rig) Sacial sheet of polycarbonate for set-up (one sheet is provided) Optional extras