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epaulet: [noun] something that ornaments or protects the shoulder: such as. an ornamental fringed shoulder pad formerly worn as part of a military uniform. an ornamental strip or loop sewn across the shoulder of a dress or coat.

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Class A consists of a white collared shirt, Army blue trousers or skirt, Army blue jacket, black tie or neck tab, and black boots. The insignia is worn on collars and ribbons. The nametag and badges are worn on the jacket. The class B service uniform is worn without the jacket and tie or neck tab.

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For male officers, this consists of an evening coat with sleeve ornamentation, strip collar, white waistcoat and white shirt with piqué bib. The stripe on the midnight-blue trousers is a thin red stripe inside a gold embroidered stripe. officers wear a mess jacket with scarlet collar, a white dress shirt, a red cummerbund and a long skirt.

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T-shirts aren't just what you wear to the gym or a quick run to the grocery store on a Saturday morning, although that is definitely part of it. Your military t-shirt tells a story of your service. The t-shirts you will find at Medals of America represent your hard work and dedication to the U.S. military and the pride you have for your service.

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Uniforms of the American Revolution

Shirts always were one of the first clothing items to wear out and fall apart during active military service especially in the warmer months. For the thousands of Patriots who took part in the Siege of Boston clean new shirts were a seldom seen luxury to replace their dirty ragged ones.

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The first U.S. military uniforms date back to 1779 when General George Washington chose to use the blue uniform coat with state facing colors, and white waistcoat and breeches.

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Air Force Uniform Regulations for 2021: Dress & Appearance

Every military branch in the U.S. Armed Forces follows strict guidelines for military clothing and presentation. The purpose of having uniform standards is to demonstrate to the public that the military branch is organized and disciplined. Consequently, it is important that you learn about Air Force uniform regulations before basic training.

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10 Military uniforms of ancient Greek warriors

10 Military uniforms of ancient Greek warriors from Sparta and Athens to Macedonia. 1} Athenian officer (5th B.C.) The elaborate breastplates of the most prominent citizens of Athens were lined with overlapping brass scales of various sizes, while the edges of the different sections were decorated with colorful designs.

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Marine Pattern Uniform (MARPAT) In 2003 the United States Marine Corps authorized a new uniform. Called MARPAT (for Marine Pattern) the uniform utilized a complex digital pattern that provides more effective concealment in a variety of environments when compared to the Battle Dress Uniform (BDU) camouflage.. Lance Cpl. Matthew Disbro, with Golf Co, 2nd Bn, 7th …

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The shirt was part of the French Uniform F2 designated for summer time. In French Guiana, it was used together with shorts and a beret as a standard garrison service combat uniform. Note the obsolete colored foulard (scarf) identifying the company assignment. The old short-sleeve shirt with foulard was worn within the 3e REI even in 2021. It is ...

Civilian Attire Policy

Civilian Attire Policy. 1. Background. (a) U.S. personnel (service members, DoD civilians, and their dependents) must be aware of local sensitivities and cultural values in order to minimize the impact of U.S. military presence and reduce, to the maximum extent possible, any potential host nation friction. Authorized and prohibited clothing ...

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As of October 2010, the military will retain the exterior parts of the uniform, and will issue a suit of civilian clothing not to exceed a value of $30. 3 During Training. According to subsection H of Section 772, Chapter 45, a civilian may wear the uniform of the Air Force, Army, Marine Corps or Navy while receiving military instruction and ...

What are Military Fatigues? (with pictures)

The "military fatigue" terminology has also become common in the general civilian fashion world, and has in many respects become synonymous with the more basic "camouflage" in these circles. People can often buy pants, shirts, and even accessories like purses or tote bags that are advertised with using the "fatigue" label.


The basic components of the U.S. Army Male Enlisted Class A Green Uniform are the Army Green Coat and Trousers, Army Green (shade 415) long- or short-sleeved shirt, and black four-in-hand necktie.It served as the main Service uniform from 1954 until 2015, when it was replaced by the blue Army Service Uniform, or ASU.